Long life expectancy is not always accompanied by quality of life

> Are you wondering if it is the time to be moving into a nursing home?

> Are you caring for an aging parent?

> Do you think that aging at home is the best option but are burdened by the everyday tasks?

The best treatment is now available without leaving home

Healthy Aging offers a unique treatment package for older people, so that they may age at home, while still maintaining their quality of life.


Health Professions

Emotional treatments

Rights entitlement

Tests at home

Assistive technologies

Support services

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Aging is characterized by various syndromes which, in the absence of proper treatment and support, can worsen with time and cause great difficulty for the older adult and his or her family.

Memory decline

Recurrent falls

Caregiver Burden



!Our unique solution - a nursing home at home

A structuring treatment plan

A program for maintenance and rehabilitation, memory preservation, psycho-geriatric medicine adjustment and ongoing consukt for exercising personal rights

Our unique nursing at home solution

An alternative to a high-quality nursing home – at home, with long-term support and in accordance with the various aging related needs

Acquaintance and needs assesment

A preliminary conversation to understand the needs of the individual and his or her family, in order to personally tailor the assesment process

A comprehensive geriatric assessment

Conducted by a nurse, an occupational therapist, a physiotherapist, a clinical pharmacist, a gerontologist and a geriatrician

הפתרון הייחודי שלנו - בית אבות בבית!

היכרות ואפיון צרכים

שיחה מקדימה להבנת צרכי המטופל ובני משפחתו והבעיות הרפואיות לצורך התאמת אבחון יסודי ומעמיק 

בניית תכנית טיפול

תכנית לשימור ושיקום, שמירה על הזיכרון, איזון פסיכו-גריאטרי ומיצוי זכויות אישיות בקהילה

אבחון כוללני מקיף

על ידי אחות, מרפאה בעיסוק, פיזיותרפיסטית, רוקחת קלינית, גרונטולוגית ורופא גריאטר

הכי טוב בבית!

חלופת בית אבות בבית באיכות גבוהה, בליווי ארוך שנים ובהתאמה לצרכים השונים בתהליך ההזדקנות

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